February 2017


AERC Conference Schedule

AERC members and staff will be attending a number of upcoming conferences, including the following:

Organizational Updates

Confidentiality Policy

AERC is rolling out a new 2017 confidentiality policy for members to sign as they renew their membership. The confidentiality policy is meant to safeguard materials under development until they are deemed ready by the organization for distribution outside AERC and its member organizations. If you have any questions about the confidentiality policy, please do not hesitate to reach out to staff for clarification.

Upcoming Votes

AERC staff are currently identifying voting software for the membership to use going forward. This month, AERC 301 ( Independent Inspection Agencies) and 302 (Approved Calculation Entities) will be sent out to the membership for a vote, having already received a provisional approval from the Board of Directors. More guidance on the standards and the voting process will be provided in the coming weeks.

Committee Updates


  • LBNL is currently finalizing the internal testing for the updated version of the Energy Performance Software Tool (previously known as SHADEFEN), which is being used to calculate annual window energy performance values. LBNL is seeking suggestions for a new name for this tool. If you have any ideas, please submit them to Charlie Curcija (dccurcija@lbl.gov).
  • The Material Properties Subcommittee is reviewing comments on the latest version of AERC 1.1. AERC 1 is being updated and the Technical Committee will be meeting in February to review the latest draft.


  • Following discussions at the Fall Meeting in December, John Crowley is heading an effort to map product supply chains to assist Intertek in developing inspection/verification regime options. These new inspection options will be presented to the Board of Directors and the Certification committee in February.
  • The Board of Directors provisionally approved AERC 301 and 302 in December. These standards will be put before the membership for vote in February. AERC 301 outlines the program requirements for Independent Inspection Agencies and AERC 302 details the program guidelines for Approved Calculation Entities.


  • The Marketing Committee informally surveyed family and friends over the holidays and in early January to collect feedback on the AERC Energy Rating label. The committee discussed the feedback during its meeting in January and identified a number of ways to improve the label design, making it easier for consumers to understand. The updates are currently underway and the committee will reconvene in February to review and determine next steps.
  • The Outreach Subcommittee and Utility Working Group have officially joined forces to become one subcommittee over the next few months in order to develop materials for new outreach targets, including trade associations and government agencies. Outreach materials and other member resources can be found on Asana.

New Committees: Call for Participation

  • Commercial: This group will plan AERC’s entrance into the commercial sector. While much of AERC’s program development has focused on residential, proper planning will be vital for a successful commercial launch.
  • Finance: This group will focus on further defining the business plan for AERC’s certification program. It will also explore alternative sources of revenue beyond Department of Energy funding.
  • To participate in either of these committees, please contact Zach Koser (zkoser@kellencompany.com).