Program Enrollment

The AERC Energy Improvement program offers manufacturers the opportunity to promote energy-efficient, comfort-enhancing window attachment products.

Manufacturers can access all the necessary documents to enroll in the program below. Enrollment is a required first step in certifying products to AERC standards. Generally, AERC distinguishes between two manufacturer types: window attachment manufacturers and material manufacturers. Window attachments manufacturers make complete products such as blinds, shades, shutters and storm windows. Material manufacturers make the components of those attachment products, such as fabric. A single company may be both a window attachment manufacturer and a material manufacturer.

Approved Simulators

The listed simulators have been approved to simulate products for the AERC program.

Manufacturer Enrollment Instructions

Certification program enrollment instructions for manufacturers of full window attachment products.

Sample Manufacturer Application

A sample program enrollment application for a manufacturer of full window attachment products.

Manufacturer Enrollment Webinar

Webinar slides outlining the process for manufacturers of full window attachment products to enroll in AERC’s certification program.

CGDB Material Manufacturer Registration Form

Registration form for manufacturers of window attachment components (i.e. fabrics).

Phase 1 CGDB Release Schedule

CGDB release schedule for AERC Phase 1 products.