Committee Structure

AERC Committees

Volunteering on Committees

The Board of Directors has approved AERC’s committee structure. These committees are comprised of AERC members and non-members. Committees are responsible for the establishment of AERC procedures, policies, and programs which are then presented to the Board of Directors for final approval before implementation. Committees may form subcommittees or task groups to work on individual projects. AERC Committee Sign Up

Committee participation is necessary to achieve the overall objectives of the AERC and coordinate activities in an efficient and effective way. AERC committees, sub-committees, and working groups are tasked with developing the technical, marketing, certification, and organizational policies and procedures for the AERC. All committees are led by a committee chair, who is responsible for leading the work of the committee, tracking progress and establishing deadlines, recognizing issues as they arise, and assigning tasks to committee members.

Sub-committees are responsible for the development of specific programs or procedures. Working Groups are responsible for more specific tasks and are convened on an as-needed basis.

Committee participation is open to interested member companies, organizations, and individuals. One membership equals one vote.

Current AERC Committees

Attachments Operations Schedule Working Group

Oversees the development of and updates to residential and commercial operation algorithms for manual and automated window attachments.

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Commercial Committee

Developing and executing AERC’s strategy for addressing the window attachment market for commercial building applications, focusing on the development of educational materials for architects and designers that identify the energy and comfort benefits of various window attachments.

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Executive Committee

Comprised of the AERC Board of Directors leaders, including the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, the Executive Committee meets on a quarterly basis to discuss AERC’s strategic objectives, progress, and recommendations to the Board of Directors on key organizational decisions.

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Annual Energy Performance Sub-Committee

Developed and oversees the procedures to determine residential warm climate and cool climate annual energy performance (EP) ratings for window attachments simulated over a baseline window in a model house (AERC 2 standard).

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Marketing Committee

Develops strategies for promoting the AERC residential certification program and collaboratively creates marketing materials, residential product label, Certified Products Website, and industry outreach.

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Outreach & Utility Committee

Develops and executes strategy for utility and engagement and awareness through direct outreach, conference presentations, and web content to facilitate the development of residential window attachment incentive programs.

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Secondary Glazing Systems

Developing plan to rate and certify commercial secondary glazing systems through AERC.

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Technical Committee

Developed and oversees the residential technical procedures for testing and simulation of window attachments, including definitions of product types and grouping rules (AERC 1, 1.2 and 1.3 standards).

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