Approved Program Contacts

See list below for AERC approved  has Accepted Calculation Entities (ACE), Simulators, and Inspection Agencies.

Please contact them directly to discuss pricing of their services.


Accepted Simulator: Kenny White

[email protected]

(559) 233-8705


Peak Amplitude Consulting

Accepted Simulator: Dennis Anderson

[email protected]

(952) 200-5635


Please note that receiving approval does not mean test labs are automatically approved to conduct all three types of measurements for listing in the CGDB Materials Library. The test labs below are approved to conduct the following tests (Approval marked with an X):

Test Lab Solar-optical Thermal IR Tolerance Contact information
China Building Materials Test and Certification Group Co., Ltd. X X X [email protected]
Fraunhofer ISE TestLab Solar Façades X X X [email protected]
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory X X X [email protected]
Mermet Fenestration Lab X X X  [email protected]
Optical Data Associates, LLC X X X [email protected]
OTM Solutions PTE Ltd X X X [email protected]

AERC accepted independent inspection agencies perform annual inspections of AERC program participants, which may include Attachment Manufacturer Participants (AMP) and Accepted Calculation Entities (ACE).


Accepted Simulator: Mike Thoman

[email protected]

(717) 767-3757

If you are an inspection agency interested in participating, please contact [email protected].