Certification Program

AERC’s rating and certification program, developed with support from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), has been designed to offer independent and accurate information about the energy performance of residential window attachment products.

AERC’s mission is to ensure that the performance information provided to consumers via the AERC Energy Improvement label and website (currently available for residential products) is accurate, reliable and consistent. Each AERC certified product has been measured according to stringent standards and has been reviewed and accepted by AERC.

Window Attachment Manufacturers
Window attachment manufacturers can rate, certify, and label the energy performance of residential window attachment products through the AERC Certification Program.

Material Manufacturers
Material manufacturers participate in the AERC Certification Program by having an approved test lab measure the performance properties of their materials and submitting the performance data for listing in the Complex Glazing Database (CGDB) Materials Library. Materials used in window attachment products must have material properties data listed in the CGDB or International Glazing Database (IGDB) prior to simulation and certification of the window attachment product.

ACEs/ Simulators
An AERC Accepted Simulator works for an Accepted Calculation Entity (ACE). The simulator performs modeling and simulation services on behalf of window attachment manufacturers to generate window attachment ratings for AERC certification. ACEs review the work of their simulators and attest to the accuracy of the work product.

Test Laboratories
Test labs can participate in the AERC Certification Program in two ways – either through testing material properties or by testing performance properties of window attachments. In order to test and submit thermal and optical properties for the CGDB Material Properties Library, test labs must participate in the most recent inter-laboratory comparison (ILC) managed by LBNL. Test laboratories can also participate in the AERC rating and certification program by physically testing the performance properties of window attachments. Test labs must submit documentation supporting their ISO 17025 accreditation to conduct this testing.

Inspection Agencies
AERC Accepted Inspection Agencies perform annual inspections of AERC program participants, which may include Window Attachment Manufacturer Participants and Accepted Calculation Entities.

Rating and certification procedures for eligible window attachment categories are being developed in three phases.

Phase 1
Products include cellular shades, blinds, roller shades, storm windows, solar screens and pleated shades.

Phase 2
Products include awnings, roller shutters and window quilts.

Phase 3
Products include drapes, louvered shutters, applied window films, roman shades and sheer shades.

Learn more about window attachment product types

Detailed window attachment certification instructions are listed on the Window Attachment Manufacturers page. Material manufacturers have a different process – see Material Manufacturer page for more information.

For manufacturers, simulators, ACEs, and Inspection Agencies there are annual participation fees to help cover the costs of administering the certification program. Manufacturers also have scaled fees for listing products in the Certified Products Database. One of the benefits of being an AERC member is discounted fees for AERC certification.

Window Attachment Product Certification Participation Fees

Participant Type Fee Type Member Non-Member
Accepted Calculation Entity Annual Participation Fee  $1,750  $1,750
Accepted Simulator Annual Participation Fee  $1,000  $1,000
Training Registration Fee  TBD TBD
Accepted  Inspection Agency Annual Participation Fee  $1,000  $1,000
Type 3 Category Manufacturer Participant (In-Plant Inspection)* Annual Per-plant Fee†  $4,300  $5,500
Per-sample testing fee  $970  $1,300
Type 2 Category Manufacturer Participant (Verification Testing)* Annual Participation Fee  $4,500  $6,000
Per-sample testing fee  $970  $1,300
Secondary Listing Participants Annual Participation Fee $2,200 $3,200

*Subsidiary companies with separate manufacturing locations are considered individual Manufacturer Participants and must pay separate fees based on their Participation Category (Type 2 or Type 3).

†Fee includes cost of annual inspection.


Window Attachment Certified Products Database (CPD) Listing Fees
Type Number of Listings‡ Member Non-Member
Primary Listing 1-75  $170  $260
76-150  $140  $260
151+  $110  $260
Secondary Listing 1-75  $70  $130
76-150  $40  $130
151+  $30  $130
CPLR Revision  $125/hour


Complex Glazing Database (CGDB) Listing Program Fees

Fee Type Sub-type Member Non-Member
Annual Manufacturer Participation Fee#  $1,000  $4,000
New Submission Per Product Listing Feeǁ 1-50 Listings  $210  $300
51-150 Listings  $170  $300
151+ Listings  $90  $300
Annual Per Product Listing Fee∆ 1-50 Listings  $70 $200
51-150 Listings  $55 $200
151+ Listings  $30 $200
Editorial change fee  $50  $135

#May be prorated if enrolled in second half of calendar year.

ǁListing fee excludes cost of material testing. Covers first year listing costs.

∆Covers annual per product listing fee after the first year and until a listing has to be updated with new performance information at which point a new submission fee would need to be paid.


CGDB Early Adopter Discount

Effective August 1, 2018, AERC is offering its members a significant discount in CGDB submission fees to encourage participation in the program. Discounted fees will remain in effect for listings submitted by June 30, 2019. To access the discounted fees listed in the table below, AERC members must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be an AERC member in good standing.
  2. By December 31, 2018, submit a signed letter using the AERC template committing to a number of listings that the manufacturer will submit under the early adopter discount.
    1. Manufacturer will only be eligible to receive the early adopter discount for the amount of listings committed to in this letter.
  3. Pay a non-refundable deposit in the amount of half the cost of the total number of listings committed.
    1. As listings are submitted, AERC will track the number of listings for which it has already received a deposit and will invoice for the balance due on the listings submitted in excess of the deposit until either:
      1. The manufacturer reaches the number of listings to which they committed; OR
      2. The early adopter discount period ends. At which point AERC will begin to charge at the normal submission and listing fee rates.
Fee Type Sub-type Member Non-Member
New Submission Per Product Listing Fee (early adopter rate) 1-50 Listings  $25 Not eligible for early adopter discount
51-150 Listings  $20
151+ Listings  $10

Visit the Approved Program Contacts page for contact information.