Meet the AERC Team

The AERC team is responsible for coordinating the development of the organization and providing strategic guidance and support to AERC committee, sub-committees, and working groups.

Ralph Vasami
Ralph Vasami, Esq is a Group Vice President at Kellen and has a broad background in engineering, business management, operations, finance, strategic planning and law. He is actively involved with leading clients’ efforts to modify and enhance National Building Codes, and is regularly called upon to facilitate client strategic planning meetings. He serves as the Executive Director of both the Window Covering Manufacturers (WCMA) and AERC.
Stephen Bickel
Mr. Bickel is D+R’s Vice President for Product and Market Innovation and serves as the Program Manager for its work with AERC. Mr. Bickel is a creative driver at D+R and the originator of many of its ground breaking programs and strategies including Market Lift® and BETTER DATA BETTER DESIGN. He is a leading expert on the application of behavioral research to promoting energy efficiency, and on the window, window covering, and efficient lighting markets.
Emily Phan-Gruber
Ms. Phan-Gruber is a Project and Team Lead at D+R with strong technical and analytic capabilities who has cultivated significant knowledge and expertise in the fenestration attachments industry. Ms. Phan-Gruber oversees day-to-day activities of D+R’s work as its AERC Program Coordinator.
Shannon Christie
Ms. Christie is a Team Lead and Project Associate at D+R with strong technical, analytic, and communication capabilities. Ms. Christie provides support at the committee level as a Program Associate.
Zach Koser
Zach Koser is an Associate at Kellen with a background in environmental policy and sustainability management. Mr. Koser serves as Kellen’s AERC Program Coordinator and oversees day-to-day organizational operations and coordination between teams.