ENERGY STAR has released its Smart Home Energy Management Systems Specification featuring new rating from AERCLEARN MORE


Our mission is to provide consumers with credible, relevant, and comparable information about window attachments and their performance. AERC provides consumers with information about the energy performance to help them make informed decisions about their window attachment purchases.

About AERC

Learn more about the organization spearheading an innovative energy-efficiency program.


Explore the various types of AERC membership and our list of current members.

Certify Products

Enrollment in the AERC Energy Improvement Rating program is now open to both window attachment manufacturers and material manufacturers!

Become a Member

The AERC is made up of a diverse group of engaged organizations and individuals working together to create a successful energy rating program to help consumers make informed decisions. Organizations or individuals with experience in the window attachments industry and/or energy efficiency are encouraged to join AERC to help drive its development and ensure its success. AERC values a diverse membership that balances industry and public interest participation to help consumers make more energy-efficient choices.

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